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The ABC’s of Double Glazing Windows for Your Property
The ABC’s of Double Glazing Windows for Your Property
18 Aug 2020

The ABC’s of Double Glazing Windows for Your Property

Double glazing is usually made of two panes of glass that has been separated by a gap and filled with argon gas layer or air vacuum. They have primary as well as secondary rubber seals that have been made to prevent as much heat as possible from escaping the building. Since glass is believed to be a conductor of heat, when single glazed windows are present it is much easier for heat to escape outside. The air space or gas in between double glazing panes is considered to be a poor conductor of heat that can prevent warm air from escaping. Most double glazed windows are usually made of uPVC frames and low-emissivity (Low-E) glass and this blogpost will give you some idea on double glazing option.


Purposes of Double Glazing


The primary use of double glazing is the insulation for heat and noise. Double glazing was made to insulate the properties and lessen the amount of heat that gets lost outside and rubber seals are completely airtight to decrease draughts. Double glazed windows seem to be an effective option in lessening outside noise, vacuum in between the window panes that absorb sound, and the extra pane that acts in the form of a buffer. Apartment buildings and modern offices have double glazing particularly if they have been built in busy areas.


According to Surrey glaziers, having two panes of glass is naturally stronger which can add up an extra layer of security to your house or office. The double layer technology can decrease the appearance of condensation by maintaining temperatures and air pocket ensures that cold air won’t be able to meet with warm air on the inside of the glass. Condensation might be the reason for dampness and foul smells though there is less risk when you decide to opt for double glazing.


Different Types of Double Glazing Options


When people choose double glazing, they generally refer to windows, doors but the method can be used for windows, doors, conservatories, or any other type of construction with the help of glass panels. The first double glazed window frames had been made of original timber leftover from single paned windows. By the year 1970s, frames had already been evolved into aluminium which is then followed by the uPVC windows and are used till date.


In simple words, uPVC stands for Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which is a hard and chemically resistant form of PVC used for doors, window frames and pipes. It is a great material for doors and windows frames since it is extremely durable, affordable and offers higher level of insulation. It has less maintenance and won’t rust, degrade or rot even in severe weather conditions. However you may ask for aluminium or wooden frames based on your home’s style. The former can be recycled and is long-lasting while wooden frames are more environmentally friendly but require less maintenance.


Benefits of Double Glazing in Your House


  • Greater comfort –

Double glazing decreases heat loss and draughts thus, causing a warmer and comfortable home throughout the year. This is very effective for the houses having larger windows or where a bed has been positioned right next to a window or outside wall.


  • Safety concern

By adding an extra layer of glass, there can be twice as much to break through which seems to be a powerful deterrent for the burglars. It is just next to impossible to break double glazing without creating much noise so that you can ensure peace of mind and your home as well as costly belongings has been protected.


  • Save money

An average sized home can actually save a good amount of money on energy bills along with the installation of double glazing done by glaziers in Surrey. The extra glass pane will allow heat to enter inside so that you do not need to turn your thermostat up higher.


  • Energy efficient

Double glazing can actually save money by keeping your house warmer due to less energy output needed. The Low-E glass is energy efficient and the thin coating reflects heat back to its source that allows keeping your house warm in winter and cooling during summer months.


  • Lessen noise

If you are staying in a noisy area or find it difficulty in sleeping, then double glazing can actually create all the difference. The dual layers can help to trap the heat and block noise when someone in the family works during the night or have young children.


  • Increase value of your property

If you want to sell your house within the next 5 to 10 years, then the addition of double glazing can add up significant value to your property. Different estate agents agree that the newly installed double glazed windows can be considered to be a valuable selling point for modern houses.


  • Practical and stylish

Double glazing is easy to clean and maintain with more durability when compared to single paned windows. This enables them to appear shiny and new for several more years. Aluminium and uPVC frames are long-lasting and can be recycled when they wear down with time.


Thus, when looking for double glazing repairs in Surrey, then you should choose uPVC glazing products for all types of doors, windows and conservatories. Whether you are looking for replacing the damaged windows or making an extension to your valuable house, the glaziers are always there to provide help. Make proper planning for your home improvements and discuss with experienced glaziers to get them customized according to your exact requirement.