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Effective and Simple Window Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season
Effective and Simple Window Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season
11 Nov 2020

Effective and Simple Window Maintenance Tips for the Winter Season

The winter season is back again, and it is here with the usual cold weather. Across both commercial and residential buildings, central heaters are seriously turning up the heat to maintain the warmth and cosiness of home interiors.

According to experienced and professional glaziers at Surrey Glaziers, this can affect your windows. Windows are gradually becoming more relevant and efficient. This is as a result of the ever-improving innovative solutions. Regardless, your windows still need to be properly cared for and well maintained to make sure they continue to work efficiently for years to come.

Our specialists working at Surrey Glaziers in London have taken the delight to share some useful tips that will assist you in properly maintaining your windows.

Simple and effective maintenance tips for your windows

A lot of people have the belief that condensation developing on windows indicates ineffectiveness and low-grade style. Usually, this is not always the case. Do you know what happens when someone brings out a bottle of cold water from the fridge and leaves it in the open during summertime? After a while, the chilled bottle will attract moisture lingering in the warmer atmosphere. This moisture then settles down on the surface of the bottle, and you will actually be able to observe these particles in the form of water beads.

Now, this is the same process that occurs when your windows go through condensation. However, if you need double glazing repairs in Surrey, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Condensation on the exterior

Condensation will usually occur on the exteriors of the window during the Winter seasons. This means that your windows will be very effective in keeping cold air on the outsides from entering into your home. By implication, the inside of your house will be warm and cosy. Currently, as windows become increasingly energy-efficient, condensation on the exterior surface area of the windows is getting more and more popular.

There is no need to be bothered about exterior condensation on windows. As and when the temperature on the outside increases, the condensed water particles will disappear automatically.

Condensation on the interiors

In a number of cases, reduced ventilation may cause internal condensation to occur. This is bound to happen, especially in the winter period. As the temperature outside reduces, we try not to open windows and doors in a bid to maintain the warmth of the indoor environment.

All you need to avoid this window problem is a little circulation of fresh air inside your home. To resolve the issue of internal condensation, you have to put your windows on night vent.

A night vent is a uniquely designed locking system that enables you to increase the amount of airflow into your home through windows without having to open them down. Also, you may turn on the kitchen and restroom fans after cooking or showering for about 15 - 20 minutes. This is equally an effective method of reducing moisture from your rooms.

General Window Maintenance Tips

You should know that the glass pane is not the only window component that needs to be cared for and maintained during the winter period. Other window parts such as locks, hinges, and joints, also need some care and attention in order to make sure the whole window system works properly. All the locomotive components of the window system should be lubricated. By routinely lubricating and cleansing the window hardware, the whole system would function smoothly and effortlessly, in addition to minimal locking of the joints.

Windows that have air spaces and damaged joints or hinges will create a problem during winter. Below, our professionals at our Surrey glazing company have highlighted what you need to do to identify air spaces.

If you observe that your windows are weak and have already created air gaps, hereby allowing cold air from outside flowing inside, here is what you need to do.

  • Light a candle and keep it at a safe distance from the frame of the window
  • Slowly move it along the window pane and the frame.
  • If at some point the flame flickers, then you have successfully detected where the air gap is, and you would need a double glazing repair.


If you are in Surrey and need maintenance, repairs or installation of double glazed windows, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01483 912401 and we will send our expert glaziers right away.