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Choose between Double Glazed and Triple Glazed option
Choose between Double Glazed and Triple Glazed option
19 May 2021

Choose between Double Glazed and Triple Glazed option

Is your house situated in a busy area and noise reduction seems to be the main priority for you? Do you want to reduce the energy bills as much as possible? Well, you need to go through this blog to make an informed decision for your home and learn about the benefits of double glazing option.


Difference between double and triple glazing windows

 The difference between the two kinds of windows is that double glazing consists of two glass panes while triple glazing has three panes.

When comparing between the two windows, it is indeed a better option to opt for three panes than two.

But there are several differences between double and triple glazed option that seem to be beneficial for your home and wallet.


Energy Efficiency

 One of the reasons to change from single window pane to double glazing option is due to increased energy efficiency that comes with additional window glass pane. For triple glazed option, the energy efficiency of the panes will be more. Almost a quarter of the heat gets lost through the windows and heat loss can be calculated through a U- value. While double glazing has the rating of 2.8, triple glazed will provide a U- value of 0.8.

The additional glass plan will help in reduced heat loss but the air gap is filled with an inert gas such as krypton or argon to keep up with the warmth in your house.

But it is important to consider that upgrading the windows will help in saving energy as it can be wasted from different areas of your house. You should consider at the insulation in the loft, roof space, floors and doors in order to ensure you do not waste money by fixing one problem area only.

Noise Reduction

 If you stay in a noisy area with heavy traffic, then replacing the windows can lessen noise levels greatly. Though double glazing can help in lessening the noise, triple glazing will attain greater reductions in the noise, but you should consider:

  • Thickness of the glass is the key for sound insulation. By selecting a window that has different combinations of panes, you will increase noise reduction since each thickness of glass blocks different sound frequency.
  • The size of the gap between window panes has a vital role as the larger the gap, the better the noise reduction is going to be.
  • Trickle ventilators can be used on the windows to destroy reduction of noise that you have attained.

By considering the options between double and triple glazed windows to lessen the noise, you should talk to a glazier about the specific situation and the kind of noise problem you face. Though triple glazing seems to be more effective, it is expensive and double glazing can help to correct the gaps and thickness of glass.


Risks with cold patches

 The condensation and dampness usually occurs when there is excess moisture in the air from the cold surface that forms water.

The cold patches around your house occur when there is difference between the U- values of floors or walls than with the windows. The walls have a U- value of nearly 0.3 and by choosing triple glazed option which is the most efficient having U values between 1.8 and 0.6, this is the suitable option to decrease cold patches. These cold patches may cause damp areas and condensation problems.

Compare the cost

 When you compare any product, make sure you check the cost properly. Since triple glazed option has costly manufacturing methods and contains more raw materials, it is considered to be more expensive.

Both double and triple glazing won’t show the return on your investment for recouping the money you have already spent on them with decreased heating bills you achieve.

When you decide to choose triple glazing in comparison to double glazing for cost factor, this will be due to the optimum in comfort level and energy efficiency.

Should it be double glazed or triple glazed?

 There are several pros and cons for choosing between double and triple glazing option. Based on your exact requirement and priority, you need to determine about the type of window which is most suitable for your house.

Are you still not sure which option will be right for you? You may get in touch with our glazing experts who will give all the needed information to find the perfect window option your house. For more information about our glass repair and replacement in Surrey visit our website now.