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6 Important Steps to Follow for Installing a Sliding Door
6 Important Steps to Follow for Installing a Sliding Door
30 Dec 2020

6 Important Steps to Follow for Installing a Sliding Door

Sliding patio doors, also called patio doors, are usually made of aluminum, steel, durable glass, vinyl or wood frames. These doors provide a clear outlook into your backyard and some include sliding door locks that allow more security to your house. They are generally used to open your home to other areas like your deck or patio as well. Go through this blogpost to know how you can install sliding glass door in your house.


1. Select sliding door of correct size

When you want to start with the installation of door with emergency glaziers, make sure you select exterior doors of appropriate size that will fit properly in your space. Several homeowners want to replace these sliding doors with new models. Read on to know the correct size of sliding door to install.

    • Remove casing from your present door frame for finding the studs. Make sure you set casing to the side for safety purpose.
    • Measure across the top and bottom sides of the opening horizontally that starts from studs. Take proper measurements vertically on both the sides.
    • Take small measurements that will adjust with the new door. Thus, if you find 81” at the bottom and 80” at the top, then use 80” as the best fit for your measurement.
    • After you get all the measurements, you may start looking for new patio doors that will adjust with the overall look of your house.


2. Prepare for the opening

You need to follow the steps discussed below to prepare for the opening of the door.

  • Spend sometime to test fitting your already prehung door at the opening. You need to make necessary adjustments from inside and opt for shims, when required for secure fit.
  • Make a piece of drip edge for the opening size. Put silicone caulk on the drip edge so that you can put it on the opening’s top between your house wrap and sliding.


3.Caulk your opening

Below are given necessary steps to follow for caulk the opening.

  • You have to form a sill pan at the opening with roll flashing. Try to add caulk over the bottom edge and press sill pan firmly into the caulk.
  • Apply silicone caulk around the edges of the opening where house wrap and sliding door meet. You may want to put some drops of silicone caulk at the bottom of the opening.


4. Position your newly installed door

These are the steps to follow at the time of positing your new door by the glaziers.

  • Start positioning door into opening from an exterior area. 
  • Make sure you tilt door with bottom side inside first by using shims for secure fit. 
  • Take shims below screw holes to keep threshold in proper shape.
  • Put shims at the top and edges of the door frame in every 12 inches. Make sure you place door hinges and lock them properly by using screws.


5. Secure door properly

You should follow the steps discussed below to secure the doors.

  • Check if the brick mould seems to be flat against the frame outside. In case it is, choose 10d finishing nails for securing brick mould and framing every 12 inches. After this, you need to countersink nail heads.
  • Move in your house with 10d finishing nails, drive them into the framing and through the shims. Countersink the nail heads.
  • Take utility knife for cutting excess shims and cut or break them so they are flushed properly with door frame. 


6. Try to secure the threshold

These steps need to be taken for securing the threshold.

  • Secure threshold at the door with the help of screws so that they are not exposed.
  • Take expandable foam insulation for sealing unwanted gaps between the wall and door frame. Take putty knife to eliminate excess after it gets dried. 
  • Cover foam insulation and add small caulk to visible joint in between the interior wall area and trim.
  • Apply paintable silicone caulk around the outer door casing. After this, fill nail holes to complete door frame, as needed. 


Thus, with the installation of a sliding door, you will be able to improve overall look of your home and make the rooms more enjoyable. You need to take the help of emergency glaziers in Surrey when you do not know how to proceed with new door installation process. In case you end up installing the sliding door in an inappropriate way, then this may cause several problems and so, you should take each step confidently when you decide to opt for do it yourself option.