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Window Repair
Leatherhead Window Repair Service

Leatherhead Window Repair Service

We provide helpful window repair service across Leatherhead. Our solution is cost-effective as we do our best to repair before recommending replacement.

In our practice are expert glaziers proficient in fixing broken window panes, leaks, draughts, and more. Call us if your window isn't opening or closing. Our phone number is 01483 912401.

Accreditation and Guarantee

We're one company with full trade accreditations and duly registered with relevant trade schemes. With this, we self-certify our work but in compliance with Building Regulations.

Window repairs

Our qualified glaziers are capable of repairing single to triple-glazed windows. Contact us for smart window repair in Leatherhead. We fix wooden sash windows, frame windows, uPVC and aluminium windows and more.

Some of our everyday tasks include:

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Broken glass pane repairs
  • Installing draught excluders and rubber seals, etc

We have experts for every kind of window repairs, including wooden sash windows. There's no hidden extra charge for our services, and we carry standard repair parts along with us. Sometimes we can charge extra for parts, materials, and a few other things. But you don't get to pay for parking, congestion, or travel time.

What we offer

Our artistry is guaranteed, and we're available 24/7. We have experienced tradesmen and a capable service support manager. Call us anytime.

Some of our day-to-day repairs are:

  • Installation of draught-proofing and new beading
  • Renewing sash cords and balancing sashes
  • Replacing cracked or shattered panes
  • Fixing rattling noises
  • Release of jammed windows

With our trade accreditations and expertise, you can be sure of a functional window repair Leatherhead.

For questions, helpful advice, and more information about our services, feel free to contact us. We won't hesitate to attend to you. Get your windows repaired today! Call us for reliable window repair service.