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10 Advantages of Double Glazing
10 Advantages of Double Glazing
01 Oct 2020

10 Advantages of Double Glazing

As the name implies, the construction of a double glazed window comprises of two layers of glass. Both panes are divided by a space which can either be left as a vacuum or filled with an inert gas. Although double glazing window repairs surrey we're primarily developed to give more insulation for homes, there are so many other benefits it provides.

In this article, we will be discussing several other advantages of double glazing and why it is beneficial for your windows and doors.

  1. More Insulation

As mentioned above, the primary aim of double glazing is to give more insulation than the usual glazing. Double glazed windows offer a higher barrier, which consequently reduces the degree of heat transfer from your home to the cold air outside. As a result, your house will be able to better conserve the heat gotten from the sun during the day.

Your windows will block the extreme outdoor heat during the hot summer months. Thanks to the higher insulation your double glazed windows provide, you will now be able to enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters.

  1. Reduction in Noise

Some windows have a way of letting even the faintest sound in. We understand how annoying this may be, especially when you're trying to enjoy your privacy and serenity. Well, thanks to double glazing, the noise will no longer be a problem for you.

Double glazed windows offer higher insulation from noise than single glazed windows. Particularly, if you stay in a noisy area or close to the airport, then you can count on double glazing to provide your house with a tranquil and quiet environment away from the noise of the busy neighbourhood. The best part is that these windows will also keep any noise coming from your house inside (so you won't worry about disturbing your neighbours).

  1. Better Security

Do you know that it's much harder to break double glazed windows than single glazed windows? Forcing them open from the outside is going to take a whole lot of effort. This means you are more protected from burglars. Laminated or toughened glass can also help you to increase your security level. By installing these windows, you won't have to fear that someone would easily break into your home.

  1. Lower Energy Bills

Another good thing about double glazing is that it helps your home to conserve the majority of the daytime heat. This means that you won't have to turn on the heater frequently during the winter seasons. In the same way, a cooler house means that you don't have to turn on the air conditioning system all the time during the hot summer months. Thus, reduced energy consumption equals lower bills.

  1. Your Property Value Increases

As explained already, it is indubitable that the installation of double glazed windows and doors makes your home more comfortable. This, therefore, increases your house value for potential buyers, unlike a house with single glazing. You can expect better deals for your house with double glazing if you ever choose to put it up for sale, compared to if you had single glazing.

  1. Less Interior Damage

A lot of individuals complain of their belongings, especially the ones near the windows and doors, being affected by sunlight. Truly, the ultraviolet rays of the sun gradually damage your carpets, decor, and furniture. However, with double glazing from glazing company near you, the amount of UV radiation that enters your home is reduced. The higher insulation that double glazing offers will make sure that your precious belongings are protected from as much damage as possible from the significant fluctuations in temperature. Also, by placing a UV window film, you will be able to increase the level of protection against UV radiation.

  1. Eco-friendliness

There is an increasing number of campaigns advocating for awareness on global warming. Indeed, the effects of global warming are real, and it is pertinent that we devise solutions to limit the effects of the growth and development of fossil fuels on our planet. Since double glazing helps to conserve energy, it is therefore beneficial for the environment.

  1. Few Condensation

Have you ever noticed water droplets on your windows every once a while? This condition occurs because the air inside is not as cool as your windows. Thus, the moisture on the window panes begins to condense. Since the temperature of the window pane inside is closer to the temperature of the air inside the house, condensation does not occur.

Although this looks like no big deal, condensation can actually cause severe damage. Firstly, the water droplets can cause mildew, mould, which is dangerous to your health. Secondly, your wooden window frames can rot because of the humidity. However, water damage can be avoided by reduced condensation level, thereby saving you money for repairs or costly maintenance.

  1. Smooth Maintenance

A lot of people have the misconception that double glazing makes it difficult to maintain and clean your window. This is far from the truth. To avoid discolouration caused by the accumulation of dirt, it is essential that you clean your windows regularly. Wiping off the condensation will prevent the window from rotting.

Keep in mind to avoid cleaning via abrasive means. By doing these, your double glazed windows are sure to last for longer years. Modern manufacturers incorporate easy cleaning technology into their products, which makes it easier to break down dirt and clean the windows. This way, your visitors will compliment your clean and shiny windows.

  1. Aesthetics

Double glazing has a way of adding beauty to your home. This is especially because every architectural fitting can be done with double glazing without affecting the original feel and look of your home. All you need to do is employ an experienced and expert contractor like our glazing company in surrey to carry out the installation of your double glazing.


In all, it is obvious that there is a lot to gain from installing double glazed windows in your home. Double glazing is just what you need from less damage of heat and UV rays, improved sound insulation, higher security, to incredible cosiness all year round. You will surely enjoy the fact that you're contributing to a safer ecosystem and global conservative efforts. Although double glazing costs more than single glazing, you get so much value for your money in the long run. What more are you waiting for? Give us a call today on 01483 912401for your double glazed window installation or double glazing repair at great prices.

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