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5 Things to Consider when Finding a Reputed Glazing Company
5 Things to Consider when Finding a Reputed Glazing Company
18 Aug 2020

5 Things to Consider when Finding a Reputed Glazing Company

Unlike any decision related to home improvement, it is crucial to select the right kind of doors, windows, conservatory or other glazing products for your need. You should consider about the design and style that you like the best, energy efficiency and how replacing doors and windows can lessen the heating bills, whether the installation requires proper planning, how long a product should last and how it will fit your estimated budget. Go through this blog post to know about six things to consider when hiring a reputed glazing company in Surrey and ensure you get the best advice, service and consumer protections for your glazing home improvement works.


1.     Consider financial stability –

The basic assumption made by the consumers is the businesses you buy goods and services from will be trading in the near future. So, if you require further advice, goods or services from the company or after-purchase care such as repairs, replacement or follow-up work, you may get in touch with the company and proceed ahead based on the circumstances. However, the fact is that all businesses should operate in a competitive way and several factors actually contribute to the financial health and ability to continue with trading.


Luckily for the homeowners, there are several ways how you can get reassurance about the financial stability of company. There are certain companies that might appear in the form of result due to high public profile and well-known history while others will get benefited from word of mouth and well established in a community.


If you have not heard about a company in the past, then try to gauge their financial stability by taking into consideration their professional membership bodies to which they actually belong. These are usually found in the About Us or footer section of a company’s website. There are many trade organisations that depend on certain level of financial stability as a condition for entering the membership.


2.     Know the code of conduct –

When you invite the professionals in your house to survey, quote and installation works, it is quite obvious that they will act in a professional way and offer good customer service. But unless you deal with a company or trades person earlier, it might be hard to know what you can expect from your dealings with them.


In most cases, homeowners generally depend on the advice and expertise of glaziers in Surrey when taking decisions related to any kind of purchase for their houses, from replacement handles and locks on the doors or windows right through to the construction of a glazed extension or new conservatory.

If you are looking for an additional reassurance level that the company’s actions and advice respond to your best interests all the time, then it is important to look for businesses that will operate based on a comprehensive and consumer code.

3.     Cancellation terms after the cooling off period –

It is certainly a good decision to go through the terms and conditions carefully before signing any kind of contract. When it is about glazing home improvement works, you should take proper care to note what the cancellation clauses might be for the products and services offered.


A cooling-off period is the time after you already sign a deal during which either party can cancel the contract without charging any penalty. Glazing work may require materials that have been manufactured to adjust specifically with the dimensions of your house. Many companies do not have a cooling-off period for this made-to-measure work as there isn’t any need for doing so under the Consumer Contract Regulations.

4.     Know about the guarantees and warranties –

When you decide to select doors and windows for your house, it is definitely a good idea to know the expected lifetime of each product you should consider. Other than this, you need to enquire about any guarantees and warranties that might come with the product and its installation. These can some important factors that should be considered when looking for information to help you in taking a more well-informed purchasing decision.


Some GGF Member companies offer 10-year insurance that is generally backed guarantees for doors and windows replacement works. They will also give complete details about the particulars of each guarantee along with the guarantee period and any conditions. Guarantees can also be transferred to the new owner when you plan to shift house by paying a certain amount of fees.


5.     Clear complaint or dispute processes –

Though they might generate some publicity, the truth is that the disputes between homeowners and professionals seem to be rare. When there are situations a homeowner has some complaint, they can be solved through resolution processes of a company.


According to experts working in an emergency glass repair company in Surrey, when you are a homeowner, it can be helpful to know if a glazing company has the system for receiving the complaint and providing you with a fair hearing during any kind of dispute.



If there is some kind of dispute even after exhausting the complaints handling procedure of a company, then you need to get in touch with the GGF for using its free Conciliation Scheme. In rare cases, a dispute might not be resolved through the GGF Conciliation Scheme and so, The Glazing Arbitration Scheme (TGAS) is there for settling the disputes on a low cost.